Social Media For Detroit Cycling.

Detroit Bike is a local social media forum for Southeast Michigan cyclists. Members can post bike blogs and entertain ideal and events, and bike shops can advertise their local bike goods. Sign on to begin adding content and earning points

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What's a Community Bike Mall?

It's a mall for local bike shops. It's like any other mall but with bike stuff. Local bike shops exhibit their best products.

How do I register my Bike Shop?

After you've signed up you contact the administrator to upgrade your account to a Bike Shop account.

How do I become a member?

Regular Membership is free, anyone can register an account. Click the Sign-up link at the top of your screen.

How do I earn Bike City Points?

When members participate with the community they earn points. Members can log their rides to earn more points.

How do I use Bike City Points?

Points can be traded on at the mall like cash. Use you account to transfer the points to the merchant.

The site is in development as of Spring 2019. Go Here for more information.
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