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Detroit Bike is a local social media forum for Southeast Michigan cycling. It's setup as an open directory, Members can create online bike shops, post routes & events, find people to ride with...

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What's a Community Bike Mall?

It's a mall for local bike shops. It's like any other mall but with bike stuff. Local bike shops exhibit their best products.

How do I register my Bike Shop?

After you've signed up you contact the administrator to upgrade your account to a Bike Shop account.

How do I become a member?

Regular Membership is free, anyone can register an account. Click the Sign-up link at the top of your screen.

How do I earn Bike City Points?

When members participate with the community they earn points. Members can log their rides to earn more points.

How do I use Bike City Points?

Points can be traded on at the mall like cash. Use you account to transfer the points to the merchant.

The web developer is re-developing the brand. New work @ The Detroit Terminal
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