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Detroit Bike

Metro Detroit's community center marketplace for bicyclists.

Find people to ride with and places to ride, shop the market.

The mission is to encourage people to ride bikes, stay fit and connected. Join the site and begin contributing.

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With Detroit Bike City's bulletin board service you can shop for bikes, post events, blog rides and earn credit.

Detroit Bike is a community of work in the making. The website's mission is as follows:

Detroit Bike will be a social media community library for cyclists. With the website local bike shops will be able to exhibit their best products and members will learn about the various aspects of local cycling. The business model is based on Rose Bike Town in Germany. The model focuses on motivating people to ride bikes, by being a pro-growth job creator, and by being an education campaign for Southeast Michigan's interurban trailways developments. 

Detroit Bike will focus on boosting human health & well being. By encouraging individuals to ride bikes, by incentivizing the act of bicycling, and also by encouraging local decision makers to develop proper bicycling infrastructure Detroit Bike will serve as the primer for shaping the Detroit region into a healthy and attractive world-class bicycling destination.

Detroit Bike will create new bicycle-orientated jobs including marketing and sales positions, data and administrative roles, online human resources and cryto-currency management. Many of the jobs will be internet based through this website and all of the jobs will have an emphasis on expanding an individual's employment opportunities. The website will be a subscription-based online bulletin-board service. The website will require a trained verification staff. 

Detroit Bike will have an activity-point system where members can earn credit for logging their bike rides, for hosting events and by participating in discussions. The credit will be used in Detroit Bike's marketplace and by local participating businesses like a form a cash.