The site is in development as of Spring 2019. Go Here for more information.

Detroit Bike

Metro Detroit's community center marketplace for bicyclists.

Find people to ride with and places to ride, shop the market.

The mission is to encourage people to ride bikes, stay fit and connected. Join the site and begin contributing.

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With Detroit Bike City's bulletin board service you can shop for bikes, post events, blog rides and earn credit.

Detroit Bike version 2.0 began in February 2019. The project started in the year 2012. Currently the website is being developed as an online bulletin-board kiosk for local cycling.

The website is designed for Southeast Michigan cycling by a Southeast Michigan suburban cyclist.

The service includes a blogging platform for news and personal write-ups, a calender of events for meetups, group pages for consolidating interests, a full featured marketplace for bike shops. Members can post advertisements and entrpreneurs can sell their products. The site is a ideal service for Detroit community and local entrepreneurs that market their products cyclists. 

The goal of the website is to serve as a bulletin-board service that works in tandem with a formal Detroit Bike City brick and mortar bike mall.

The points are currently a website-specific currency. Admins set the exchange rates and the points can be exchanged in the Bike City marketplace. The points can be used in creative ways, for instance groups can use the points as incentives or requirements. With the website members earn valuable credit for their biking contributions.