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Sunday, May 19, 2019 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Checker Bar,
124 Cadillac Square
United States

We like to ride at night! When the city is ours and we don't have to worry about asshole drivers as much. We will be cruising through the streets of Detroit during the "May Moon. The ride meets at 8 pm and stands up at 9 pm sharp to hit the streets and we'll start and end the ride at Checker Bar around.

This is not a fast-paced "Midnight Marauders Ride" or a “Smash” This is a ride for everyone. Cruisers, trikes, tricked out/custom bikes, fold-up bikes. If you got wheels come ride with us. No motorized bikes, please. THAT'S CHEATING. This will be a slower paced ride (10 mph) not a #leftfordead ride.

The pack will determine the cadence. Meaning, we will go slower if need be, you won't be #leftfordead as we cruise through the city. BUT, if the cadence can be pushed a little higher we will do that too. It all depends on the pack.

PLEASE DO NOT COME AND EXPECT US TO FIX AND REPAIR YOUR BIKE! We do not provide a maintenance service. That’s what the bike shops are for. Come to the ride with yourself and your bike (A- air, B- brakes, C- chain, and cables) prepared to ride, please also bring spare tubes. You will not be dropped from the ride because of mechanical failure (flats happen to everyone). We will assist you (if necessary to get you back up and running). If you need assistance from the Marauders please feel free to make a small donation for the equipment that we provide for you. Thank you.

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