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Detroit Randonneurs
Randonneuring is long-distance unsupported endurance cycling. This style of riding is non-competitive in nature, and self-sufficiency is paramount. When participating in randonneuring events, riders are part of a long tradition that goes back to the beginning of the sport of cycling in France and Italy. Friendly camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring. Organizing and running our events is a lot of work so help is needed in pre-riding and checking in finishers. Please contact Tom Dusky of Detroit Randonneurs if you would like to help or for more information. Randonneurs USA (RUSA) membership is not mandatory for participation but is greatly encouraged, so please JOIN NOW! or renew your membership. We are happy to participate in the League of Michigan Bicyclists $1 Per Rider program, so $1 from every entry will go to help the LMB make cycling safer and more enjoyable 2019 Scehdule Date Distance Name & Route Link Route # Certification Start/End Location 04/06 116k Northeast Populaire link 1731 RUSA Detroit, MI 04/20 200k 200k West link 1423 ACP Canton, MI 05/04-5 360/200k ACP Flèche/Trace° — ACP End Columbus, OH 05/04 200k Huron River Cruise 200k link 2071 ACP Okemos, MI 05/04 300k Huron River Cruise 300k link 2072 ACP Okemos, MI 05/18 300k Tour of Detroit link 1427 ACP Commerce Twp, MI  06/01 400k Go To Hell Backwards link 2214 ACP Canton, MI 06/15 200k Big Mac 200 link 2210 ACP Petoskey, MI 06/15 400k Sleeping Bear 400 link 2225 ACP Boyne Falls, MI 06/15 600k Third Coast 600 link 2226 ACP Boyne Falls, MI 06/29 200k Thumbs Up 200 link 1773 ACP Port Huron, MI 06/29 400k Thumbs Up 400 link 1630 ACP Port Huron, MI 06/29 600k Thumbs Up 600 link 2081 ACP Port Huron, MI 08/18 100k Picnic Populaire link 1416 RUSA Novi, MI  08/18-22 1200k Paris-Brest-Paris Randonneur — Randonneurs Mondiaux Rambouillet, France 09/14 200k Trail Mix link 1998 ACP Rochester, MI 10/12 200k AAA 200k link 1647 ACP Adrian, MI
Smart Growth America
Smart Growth America is a coalition of advocacy organizations that have a stake in how metropolitan expansion affects the environment, quality of life and economic sustainability in urban areas. Partners include national, state and local groups, working on behalf of the environment, historic preservation, social equity, land conservation, neighborhood redevelopment, farmland protection, and labor. Member groups include the statewide "1000 Friends" organizations such as 1000 Friends of Oregon, Washington's, GrowSmartMaine, New Jersey Future, Idaho Smart Growth, and the San Francisco Bay Area's Greenbelt Alliance. Vision Neighborhoods shape our lives. They are where we wake up each morning and go to work each day, where our children learn and grow, and where we spend time with our friends and family. Where we live can influence our health, our economic potential, and our children’s futures. Everyone in America—no matter his or her age, ability, income, or race—deserves the option to live somewhere affordable, convenient, beautiful, and safe. And America’s towns and cities deserve investment, stewardship, and supportive, thriving communities. A smart growth approach to development is about creating the places that make this possible. Smart growth means reinvesting in America’s downtowns and Main Streets, the economic engines of big cities and small towns alike. Smart growth means creating homes for families of all income levels alongside one another. Smart growth means diversifying our transportation system so Americans have a choice in how they get around. Smart growth means building streets that are safe for people walking, bicycling or using a wheelchair, as well as driving. Smart growth means reimagining the places we have already built, and protecting our open green spaces for generations to come. Above all, smart growth is about helping every town and city become a more economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable place to live. This approach looks different for every community, but can help neighborhoods of any kind flourish, make towns and cities competitive in a 21st century economy, and improve lives by improving neighborhoods. (Re)Building Downtown Successful economic development is increasingly about creating great, walkable, and connected places. Smart Growth America’s (Re)Building Downtown technical assistance helps your community get ready for walkable development quickly and efficiently. Smart Growth America helps local public officials identify the necessary strategies, including improving regulations for land use, establishing clear public investment practices, and reforming administrative processes. It's experts also work with you to develop data-driven policy arguments to demonstrate the benefits of walkable downtown development. Downtown revitalization is about more than making physical improvements; it’s about bringing people together. Vibrant downtowns, main streets, and city centers give people reasons to return to your neighborhood over and over again. Read more about (Re)Building Downtown here. Reports Dangerous By Design The Best Complete Streets Initiatives of 2017